From historic milestones to the future of heating.

Bringing comfort to every home – that has been our mission for 150 years.

But the way we do it changes constantly. Because innovation and technological excellence is part of our long tradition. Today we are developing energy-efficient and eco-friendly products for heating, cooling and hot water supply. By leading the way in three key technologies, we make it possible for everyone to drive the future of heating. For a greener and more sustainable lifestyle – exactly what our founder Johann Vaillant strived for 150 years ago. And we will continue to pursue in the future.


Empowering the environment through innovations.

In addition to our 150th anniversary, we are celebrating one thing in particular: using environmental energy to heat your home – and modernising it at the same time. Heat pumps take in ambient heat from the air, the soil or groundwater and makes it work for you. This means you get up to 75 % of your heat directly from renewable sources. No matter whether your house, like us, is 150 years old or is just being built: we have the right heating solution for every home. And, if operated exclusively with electricity from renewable sources, they can even be completely emission-free – making them a key element in the heating transition.
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