Prevista DRY

Prevista Dry WC element

building project version
1120×490 mm

  • not suitable for Prevista Dry Plus
  • for pre-wall mounting please order separately: Prevista Dry fixing set Model 8180.73
  • steel, PE
  • compatible with all WC flush plates for Prevista, dual flush technology


powder-​coated frame (30×30), concealed cistern 3H, WC connection fitting, fixing material, water connection R½ at the back, WC connection elbow DN90 (depth-​adjustable) made of PP, eccentric adapter DN90/100 made of PP

Technical data

Small flush volume factory setting approx. 3 l
Small flush volume setting range approx. 2–4 l
Large flush volume factory setting approx. 6 l
Large flush volume setting range approx. 3.5–7.5 l
Max. load 400 kg
Max. projection 700 mm


Flush plates and accessories: WC and urinal flush plates for Prevista product group.

Model 8524

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